Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Keeping the bellies full in a growing food cost war???

1172620_590864777617938_1211621741_oAm I the only momma with children under 8 who eat like teenagers? Gracious me! I usually sit at the dinner table and just watch my ravenous children devour their food and ask for seconds, thirds, and sometimes fourths. And, yes, even then they end up eating what I’ve been unable to finish on my own plate. Amidst the humor it is also frustrating at times especially while food costs soar and our budgets remain or are cut due to other growing costs.

Well, within every problem there is a solution, and I have worked hard at finding one for this “problem” of hungry littles! So, what’s my solution?

Make lots of fill up foods that take a small portion of money. 

And, let them eat to their heart’s content. (or within reason)

Here is a small list of some of the items I like to be well stocked up on:

  • Homemade breads~ this has become a staple around this home and the children love it with homemade jams or just plain. Crescent rolls are their favorite and they fill the bellys quickly! If you need a good recipe you can find some that I use here. Muffins and homemade pancakes or waffles are great too especially if they are made ahead and the kids can grab and heat up for breakfasts before school.
  • Veggies~ stock your veggie drawer with carrots, celery, and whatever else your family likes. Typically veggies are fairly cheap and you get a large quantity for your money. Chop them up and have them easy to access and hand out.
  • Fruits~ this is a tough one sometimes depending on fruit prices. Apples can be pricey, but when you can get them on sale stock up! My littles love eating apple slices with a Tablespoon of peanut butter! It fills them up very quickly too. Bananas are cheaper and can be eaten frozen, covered in peanut butter, dipped in nuts and so much more!
  • Snacks~My family LOVES homemade stovetop popcorn! It is another filling food and can be a salty (bit more healthy) snack. You can read how I make it here.


Now, don’t think I allow them to eat all day! Honestly, they typically only eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with maybe a little snack somewhere in between. But, having some of these fillers present for meal times helps fill them up without having to feed them half a cow!!

Hope some of these tips can help. I was reminded of it at dinner again last night and just shook my head thinking maybe there were other mommas out there going through the same thing.