Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mommy moments of Thanks

I am thankful today for piles of toys and moments to play with my littles

(even if that means a bit of a messy nest)


I am thankful that my 4 children have 2 feet that can walk, beautiful eyes that can see, and tender hearts for the Holy Spirit’s prodding.IMG_3275

I am thankful for mouths full of chalk, mud splattered shirts, and piles of leaves strewn through the living room after a fun filled afternoon outside!IMG_3314

I am thankful for peaceful moments, but moments I can breathe deeply knowing that I hold a huge responsibility!IMG_3351

I am thankful that I have to push 2 carts at the grocery store because of all my littles. Don’t tell me you are sorry that I have so much work! It may be work, but I love it and have so much fun!IMG_3394

I am thankful for many loads of laundry a week! I am also thankful that I have little hands willing to help me.IMG_3564

I am thankful that Andrew and Chloe can read and that they enjoy reading to their sisters.IMG_3536

I am thankful for piles of trash and quick hide ‘n seek games amidst a busy work day.IMG_3728

I am thankful that my children can be silly with me and we can have so much fun together.IMG_4045

I have so much to give thanks for. What a wonderful task the Lord has given me in allowing me to be a stay at home mommy! What a treasure my children’s forgiveness and love for me is. I am so unworthy!

Thank you, Lord for all of this.