Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teen Treasures

IMG_3541 IMG_3542









These are two of my sweet teens that we serve alongside each week. Meet Rachel and Rebecca! Both come from completely different homes with totally different stories and struggles! Yet, both are loved so much and it has been an absolute privilege getting to know them. The biggest blessing has been to see how God has worked in their hearts through the years.

Several weeks ago I “kidnapped” them and had a Starbucks date that included lots of laughing, great communication, and just some plain and simple fun! I am reminded often at the responsibility that God has given me, and I pray, by HIS Grace, I will remember to be a shining light of Christ-likeness to these ladies and the rest of our teenagers.

So, thank you, Rachel & Rebecca for loving me despite my imperfections and for opening your hearts for a relationship with an old person like myself. You have often taught me some valuable lessons and have often helped me grow closer to my Savior by your words and actions!

Looking forward to time with our youth tonight! Praying that God will control hearts and we will see HIM do great things with our youth!