Monday, November 18, 2013

What’s this “Thanks” thing all about?

bible As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches I am reminded of Thanks. You know, that little word that often comes from the tip of our tongue as someone hands us a gift, cooks us a meal, or does some other act of kindness toward us?

Yes, that little word…full of power.

Have you ever really sat to think about what thankfulness really means? Have you ever pondered the true power packed into such a small word?

Maybe it’s just the path of life the Lord has allowed my feet to be upon right now that gets my miniscule brain to thinking about this. Has this little word or phrase “Thank You” become a trite expression that we really do not mean?

Do we consider the definitions we often put into our Thanksgiving vocabulary?

THaNGksˈgiviNG/noun ….the expression of gratitude, especially to God

Grat·i·tude/noun….the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Thankfulness is an attitude of heart from which you are aware of your blessings. Thankfulness flows from the knowledge of how loved, valued and precious you are to God.

Am I truly aware of my blessings? Am I quick to give thanks in the tough times of life too? Giving thanks ought never to be left for the “holiday of Thanksgiving.”

I have been studying on Thanking Him for all things for a few months now. Can I be honest? I haven’t learned it all yet! I struggle often and forget to thank my God above for all things big and small.

So, before you throw out that Big Powerful little word in a flippant manner, dwell on what it really means and the impact it could have on many. Remember that God deserves our “thanks” for ALL things.

I am thankful for you today, readers! Some of you will never know the impact and blessing you have been to me in the last year of blogging. You are often a daily encouragement to me.

Stop by the next few days to see some of the things God has blessed me with to be thankful for. It’s not all pretty!