Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Agent ‘008’ Birthday

Agent 008 partyI cannot believe 8 years has passed since we welcomed our little man into the world. Wow! Unfortunately our home has been invaded by this vicious germ called the FLU so we had to cancel our little man’s birthday party. Nonetheless, mommy got up and attempted a “BOMB” cake for my little 8 year old. He so desperately asked for a spy themed party, and I was excited to a oblige to his desire. I was a little low on certain ingredients and a trip to the store was definitely not an option. So, I improvised and ended up with a not so perfect cake---but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be yummy and fun.

I did 6 layers of Butter cake with cream cheese frosting and drizzled caramel and chocolate on top of each layer. After the cake was frosted I rolled out some black fondant and made footprints and placed around the cake. After the footprints were in place I used some yellow frosting and created a bit of “Caution tape” draped randomly all over the cake.IMG_4835

I had planned on creating the bomb from rice krispie treats, but since I knew we weren’t feeding as many I opted to send a well child outside to fetch a ball. I scrubbed the ball and then covered with black fondant making sure it was nice and smooth. I took a small amount and stuck it on top for the wick to stick into since it wouldn't go into the ball. I pasted a BANG sign on the bomb and then steamed all the fondant to give it a shiny look. (I used our iron to steam it)IMG_4836After the steaming was complete I wrote “Caution” all over the yellow tape and added a small gun and a detectives badge for extra effect.  IMG_4838We went with the black and red theme and had fun detective favors complete with notepads and magnifying glasses. We taped up red “lasers” in the kitchen too, which made it fun. IMG_4840

I forgot I had snatched up a piece of red poster board too so I wrote a quick note for the agent of the day. Andrew LOVED it so much.IMG_4841We had so much fun creating a crime scene in the living room together. I told Andrew to get into any position he wanted. He had so much fun and giggled the whole time I taped around him. It just made my heart melt. Despite the disappointment of not having his friends over, he still was having so much fun and never once complained!IMG_4842Here is is ready to light the “BOMB”! Look at that smile. I love this little man so much!  IMG_4844IMG_4847It is not the best picture, but the best I could do of the lit “BOMB.” We had so much fun together and I could not ask for anything more than my sweet little family! God has been so good to us the last 8 years. Happy Birthday my precious, Andrew! Mommy and Daddy love you so much.IMG_4849