Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas to Winter?

We live in the sunny south, so unfortunately we don’t usually see much snow and below zero temperatures. Please know, I am not complaining a bit, but it’s a sad case indeed for a Northerner as myself. Nonetheless, Christmas is over and I just needed to put the reds away and do a bit of purging and inventing some wintery themed decorations. I will be quite honest---Less is more in my home right now. I actually walked around and thought to myself, “Wow, have I downsized in decorations over the years!” But, I like it VERY much. How about you? Have you found yourself decorating with less and loving it?

I didn’t want to go overboard and honestly had very little to work with, but I decided to go with some very neutral colors until Valentine’s Day. Hoping to post some pictures of my mantel in the next few days, but wanted to share a quick twist to my already made coffee filter wreath!

You can read about mine and my friend’s fun time creating this wreath several years ago here. She gives a pretty easy tutorial on how to make it! I have made 3 since and LOVE them.

I ventured through one of my favorite stores after Christmas and picked up several fun ornaments for cheap cheap. All you need is a wreath, a few ornaments, ribbon or burlap, and a hot glue gun.

I removed the flowers I had residing on the wreath previously and hot glued the ornaments in a way that I liked. I then just wrapped a piece of burlap around it and hung it on our front door. Not too difficult and it cost me about $1.      DSC_0554

I found a pretty ugly wreath for my winter wonderland mantle last week too. Can’t wait to show you what I did with it!