Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Faith vs. Foolishness

faithvsfoolishnessI have found my self struggling for weeks about this thing called “faith.” But, I am so thankful that while I struggled God became very dear to me and gave me all the answers I needed within His Word. I know I have many friends and several bloggers who are praying diligently for a new ministry, change in address, job changes, uncertain decisions looming ahead and more. So, I am praying that this post could maybe encourage some of you too. And, for those of you who believe God has you right where you are for a long time maybe we can learn a simple lesson in this too.

I know I have expressed via this blog that we are praying for a full-time ministry somewhere and are excited to see the Lord open doors. However, the Lord has yet to open a door so we have remained faithful in what He has called for us at this time. I never want to give the impression that we are not happy or thankful for where God has us now, because that is the farthest from the truth! We LOVE it. Through many conversations with my husband and other dear friends, I began to realize that sometimes we have “stepping out in faith” all wrong. We often use the incredible example of Abraham to encourage fellow believers to just take the step. Just jump and God will take care of you!  You know, I think for a long time I believed that too and I found myself all too often encouraging dear friends to do just that. Yet, amidst the encouragements and amidst the frustrations of closed doors I often questioned whether my husband and I were acting out of faith. I struggled with that, and might I be transparent---I had a bad attitude at times. I always thought we weren’t working hard enough at seeking the next direction, that we weren’t looking in the right places, talking to the right people, that we weren’t leaping as so many had encouraged.

Then, it happened… The Lord in a still small voice amidst my devotions said, “Molly, don’t forget about me! Don’t worry about what others say or believe is My will for you, don’t jump ahead of my plan for you, sweetie! You need to listen and wait for me!”  “Be still and know that I am God” was a verse that continually jumped out at me. Then while reading the story of Abraham my Lord reminded me of a step that I think I often forgot---God told Abraham to GO! Abraham didn’t just pack his family up and wander around wondering where and what he was going to be doing next. He first had to listen to an Almighty God who said, GO!! It was then that Abraham packed up and took each step of uncertainty out of faith, knowing that God would direct and take care of he and his family. If God has not said, “Go” then for me to jump out, trusting He will take care of me, would not be faith---it would be foolishness and even disobedience.

I pray we never step out of His will for our lives whether it is here or somewhere else. God has us right where we are, and for that I am eternally grateful. I LOVE our church far more than a desire to just move onto a full-time “position.” That desire is definitely something that God has instilled within our hearts, but that desire should never usurp the opportunities and HIS will that He has for us right now!

God hasn’t said “GO” to the Swaffers yet, therefore, by His Grace alone, no matter what, we aren’t going anywhere! We are excited to serve Him faithfully right here and truly love every second of it. I will wait patiently even if it is for many more years, because now I see,

I see that I can be stepping and walking in faith

by simply

staying right where He has me.

And, I pray that I can serve Him faithfully with a heart full of contentment and excitement giving Him 100% of my heart and my service.

In any step in life God has to be in it! Dear friends, if you are within a decision of taking a step and you are stepping because of lack of comfort, pressure, or maybe even godly encouragement, don’t forget to step back and first see if God is telling you to take that step. Because if He hasn’t, it is not a step of faith---it is a step of disobedience.

I have much to be thankful for! And, I am so thankful that God has taught me much on this area of faith. And, that He has intervened on our behalf before we took steps that were not ordered by Him. I am excited to take each daily step with an attitude of thankfulness knowing that He has placed us right where we are---and I love that!