Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mantle Headboard


I have had a huge desire to make an old mantle into a headboard for our bed. Needless to say, finding an old mantle for a price I could afford was nigh impossible. Actually, it was RIDICULOUS! I searched craigslist in several cities, antique stores, and more. Most of them were running for no less than $200 and some even had the price tag for $1,000. Crazy too high for my blood. But, I bathed this “silly” desire in prayer and waited and watched. I didn’t want anything fancy, but it had to be wide enough and something I could give a little TLC to make beautiful.

My momma called and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I wanted a mantle, so if she wanted to give me money towards it that would be great. I kept looking and decided that I wouldn’t spend more than $50 on a mantle. Seems cheap, huh?

After a few weeks of not having any options I took a morning to walk through a few antique stores in the area with no intent on finding anything. It was a “just looking” kind of shopping adventure. After a few hours we ended up at one of my favorite antique stores… Katydid Antiques

katydid antique

I hadn’t been to this store for about 4 months and they were under new ownership and things had changed a ton. Quite honestly, I was disappointed and not really impressed at the new younger folk who seemed to run off all the best booths. Nonetheless, I asked if they had any old mantles. The owner took me next door to another section of their store that they hadn’t opened yet. In the back amidst a FULL room of junk there were 2 old and very neat mantles. One was way too short, but this one was PERFECT!IMG_4440

It appeared “perfect” but I was hesitant to ask what the price tag was. No worries, I gained composure and asked the dreaded question, “How much is this one?” His response: “I want $110 for that one and the big one is $130.” My first thought was “uggh” then I remembered that I would find one sometime and I was in no rush. I walked around it a bit more and looked at it carefully before saying, “thank you” and started walking away. The man then turned to me and asked if it wasn’t what I was looking for. I mentioned that it was exactly what I was looking for, but the price was too much for what I had to spend. He then asked how much I had and I told him that I had $50 cash and didn’t want to pay a penny more. He then looked at the mantle and then looked back at me and smiled and said, it’s yours! For real??? Pinch me now!!!! Lest you think I handed him the moola and skipped out, I wish!!! My husband has been a HUGE help to me in not making huge purchases without chatting first and praying about it. I knew that if the Lord wanted me to have this one that it would be here after I talked to Brian and after I prayed 24 hours. So, I told him that I would maybe be back the next day with the truck.

And, yes, the story has a happy ending and after a little TLC I have an antique mantle framing my bed. Best part though is that I sold my other bed frame to a friend that had planned to go to Ikea to buy the exact one. I ended up only spending $10 out of pocket for this entire project!

My husband is going to mount this to the wall now that I have it exactly where I want it and I cannot wait to fully decorate. But, for now this is as it is.IMG_4526 IMG_4664IMG_4527

Thankful for this fun find! Have you found any fun new finds recently?