Friday, December 20, 2013

Trees, Programs, & Gifts

IMG_4738Well, no real trees this year due to scheduling conflicts and absolute craziness!! I honestly do not mind as much as I used to and enjoy decorating our fake trees too. After we decorated the tree the first time we had to take it down and take it to church for decorating for the children’s cantata. After cantata we had fun re-decorating it and adding some fun extras to make it more me. The kids also helped me find a few white and blue balls to decorate the little tree in our bedroom. I was short on ornaments and lights (as you can see), but I love the excitement my littles have in decorating. We spray painted some stick like things white and added it for some extra fun.IMG_4783With the Christmas season comes lots of parties, food, programs and more. We had a wonderful cantata weekend at our church and truly enjoyed serving with the Children’s cantata. I had the privilege to write the kids cantata (“No Room for Me”) this year and Loved every second of directing this fun endeavor. Here are a few pictures of our set that some sweet teens and friends helped me create. We had a school on one side and a home setting on the right. The children worked so diligently and did WONDERFUL.IMG_4733IMG_4734Lots of secrets are present this time of year, and with those secrets comes so much excitement!! I set up a fun store with lots of gifts for our littles to shop from. They each chose a gift to give each of their siblings and then wrapped them and labeled them and set them under the tree. I started with Maddie and hid all the gifts that would fit her so she had only gifts that Chloe, Andrew, and Ella would want. That way she wouldn’t know what she was getting from everyone else. I did this for all of them. It was so much fun watching their little brains spin as they contemplated what item to pick for each person. They were so excited to then stack their gifts and put them under the tree. Oh, what fun we had doing this together. IMG_4747 Maddie was thrilled to help wrap the gifts she “bought” for her sisters and brother!IMG_4750 Praying your weekend is wonderful!