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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wooden “Joy to the World” Sign (from an old door off the side of the road)

home for holidays I am thrilled to be part of a series on Home for the holidays. If you haven’t seen the amazing ideas from my fellow bloggers, hop on over and check their creations out.

I am loving my “new” wooden sign that I have displayed on our mantel this year and I am excited to share with you how I did it. wooden sign

Last year I “happened” to drive by a house with a ton of junk at the curb and decided to do what any “normal” woman would do and stop to check for treasures. This sweet old door was what I walked away with and this alone made the stopping and looking both ways hoping no-one would see me digging in the trash well worth it.

Lest you think you cannot complete this project because you are missing an old door, think again, sweet friend! You don’t have to have an old door to create this project. I have made similar signs with pallet wood and even old cupboard doors.

Find something to paint a festive saying on and let’s get started. IMG_4671 I started by typing out the wording I wanted in the font I desired and the size. This is one of those things that you will have to tweak depending on the size of your sign and the style you want to portray. I used a simple font and ended up adjusting the size to almost 500. IMG_4673After I printed out my lettering I cut out my letters and taped the words together in the way they would appear on my wood. This is probably the most time consuming part, but it really isn’t that difficult. I have some cheap letter stencils, but I wanted a different font. If you have a cricut that would be pretty sweet for this task too. But, I don’t have that luxury so the scissors became my dear friend.IMG_4674After you cut out your words place them on the wood where you want it—centered, angled, random or whatever floats your boat! Then find your paint color and paint away. I got this whole container of paint for free. I paid 50 cents for something else in it, but they gave the rest to me for free. IMG_4675 I chose black since most of my decorations are red and silver and I figured this would pop a bit more. IMG_4677Excuse my lack of pictures with the painting step, but I didn’t want my camera to get black paint all over it. And, the way I paint I was apt to make a huge mess.IMG_4678It definitely isn’t perfect, but I am in love!IMG_4679I really had a blast decorating our mantle this year and this fun and FREE sign made it that much more enjoyable to create.IMG_4683IMG_4682I don’t have a step by step tutorial for another FREE craft, but this twig tree is another fun project. My littles and I created this tree a few years back after I saw something smaller and similar in a craft fair for $80! and I am hoping to make a few more soon.   IMG_4685

Be sure to check out Heather’s project tomorrow at ThriftyStories.com


  1. Awesome job, Molly! You are so creative! And I really love your twig tree too. I hope you make another one and do a tutorial for me. ;)

    1. Christa, I plan to do one next week depending on energy levels!!! I will certainly take pictures of the steps!

  2. Love,Love, Love - Great job, Molly!

  3. Of course I love it!! And I want to come trash shop with you :) I stopped the other day and asked at a junk yard if I could have/buy some old doors and window that he had piled up and he looked at me like I was crazy. Says he keeps them for his rental houses. sigh.... one day. :) still looking for some BIG white old windows too.

    I think "JOY" is going to be the them of my mantel this year too. Was planning to do a sign or a chalkboard but have sort of changed directions and I am loving it still.

    Thanks for participating with us Molly!

    1. oooh, what fun trash shopping would be with you!!! I love the preview of your mantle already!! I am sure it will be gorgeous as is your tree! Thanks for having me, I enjoyed it.