Friday, January 31, 2014

Butterfly Birthday

This is just a quick post in recap of my Sweet Chloe Belle’s Birthday on Monday! Cannot believe I have a 6 year old sweetie. She begged for a butterfly cake made from cupcakes and I skipped to get it done! Very excited to have had an easy theme especially with a ladies banquet to cater on Tuesday night.DSC_1076 She wanted purple and pink with black center and antennas. It was super fun and the little girls enjoyed helping me get it all done while Chloe was at school. DSC_1086 We made antenna headbands for all her friends and siblings. So, we had little butterflies flying everywhere on Monday night.DSC_1110 Doesn’t she melt your heart? She melts mine. She was the entertainer while cupcakes were being eaten.DSC_1135 The kids loved making butterfly magnets. I, though, have decided crafts at the next party probably won’t be happening!DSC_1079 I cannot believe Chloe Elise is 6, but I am so thankful for her! She is a joy to be a mommy too and I am excited for many more years together.