Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Empty the sink and fill the Crockpot

It’s a simple post today, my sweet readers. Guess it will be short and to the point. Sometimes the busiest of days can have much added stress. But, can I say that keeping your sink empty and your crock-pot full can relieve a whole lot of unneeded stress?

What do I mean? Well, you see this empty sink? Doesn’t it just make you smile? My sink seems to be the first thing I see when entering our home. It gives me a sense of happiness knowing that there isn’t a pile of dirty dishes awaiting my return. And, it helps me when a visitor comes knowing that I don’t have to wonder what is growing on dirty dishes stacked in my sink. DSC_1017Do you have a crockpot? Might I encourage you to Fill it on those mornings that you know the day will get away from you. It’s so nice running through a crazy day knowing that dinner is awaiting your family to return. They have many times made crazy days turn peaceful and wonderful when my family can sit down after the crazy moments and be filled with a yummy home-cooked meal. DSC_1018Start emptying and filling, friends!