Thursday, January 30, 2014

It just takes a smile


Some days it just takes a smile to get you to see the blessings all in disguise! I am so thankful for little smiles that remind me often to give thanks for what is behind that smile. Hurts and pains are everywhere, my dear friends. Health problems are at the forefront in many sweet families, yet, isn’t it overwhelming to know that we can just be still and KNOW that HE is God and He never makes mistakes?!

As I lay on my couch this morning I was reminded of all the blessings I have at my fingertips. My sweet mess of a 1 year old gave me this crazy grin and I couldn’t help but smile and tell the Lord, “Thank You for yet another day!” I am like you, human! I struggle with pride, ache with health issues, need to lose weight, struggle with impatience, show fear and worry, and so much more. But, in the end God uses my weaknesses to keep me on my knees begging for needed daily strength.

I can excitedly run through today with a smile knowing that God has given me so many blessings that I need to keep counting.

Smiles go a long way, friends---so next time you face someone in the grocery line or on the street, spread that smile because it does make the day different. You could be the reminder to someone of their many blessings as my sweet baby was to me.