Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sometimes a room needs a bit of “make up”

I know, the below picture doesn’t look awful, but honestly tackling this project has been on my list for some time now. Have one of those sore spots in your home? Well, this and our “office” is mine, so I am trying to creatively and with NO money fix it up a bit. The white walls were not white anymore. It looked so nasty especially if the light was on. My husband put shelves up for me because the silly person who built this house decided that one awkward shelf in a laundry room was sufficient. I haven’t been 100% in love with where the wire shelves above the appliances fell. It just didn’t make me love it. So, my mission began…IMG_3741 I knew that it would entail emptying EVERYTHING out and painting the walls my chocolate brown to match the kitchen. So, that’s how this job started. I had stuff everywhere!! And, lest you think that people don’t see my house this way, I had a visitor part way through when it looked and I looked way worse! We had a fun hour and half chat and then I tackled some more. IMG_5072

I had never painted the laundry closet in the 8 years we lived here, so this job needed to happen. And, I thought I was a good housekeeper until I moved the dryer! It was disgusting and we found several things that we’ve been missing over the past few months. Gross! My littles were giggling at this.

I slapped on a few coats of paint and then hung some extra hooks for my 31 bags and the broom and mop. I took several of the baskets outside and put a few coats of spray paint on them. Also, found a really sturdy cardboard box in the shed that I painted and filled with random baking things that I don’t use often, but still wanted.

I re-hung the wire shelves only in different places. I hung them way up top on either side. One houses all my spray paint and the other houses the cardboard box of misc. baking helps.

Our Gardening tools are residing in the cool brown wooden crate along with all my tools and hardware.

All my mini decorations are in the white crates and the larger items are in my decor stash in the attic.

This spot now screams, “Molly likes.” So, I am a happy camper and even happier knowing that it is clean under my dryer. I got rid of about 3 trash bags of various items that I just don’t use or were worn out.

DSC_1011 DSC_1012IMG_5074















It’s not a huge difference by a picture, but it is HUGE in person and I am so glad this project is complete.









What projects are you tackling or lacking the energy to tackle? I have a few more that I need a bit of a push to start.