Friday, January 17, 2014

Thank YOU

thank you I want to say “Thank You” to my readers. I know I don’t have 1,000 likes on fb, I haven’t been on “dis-contentrist” (pinterest) in a long time, and I really don’t have many who have actually pushed the follow button on this blog. I am very basic and maybe even a bit behind the times in the computer world, but I LOVE sharing my projects, truths, and even burdens here for even a select few to read them.

You have over the last year been a true encouragement to me in many ways---for that I give a heart felt “THANKS!” It has been fun getting emails, comments under posts, notes in the mail, and even an occasional stop in the store or out and about saying, “Don’t you have a blog?” (let me say, that last one is super cool!). You have stuck with me through some tough times, great times, sad times, and some plain fun times. I am excited about this new year and I am hoping that 2014 can be another year of growth and a great year of encouragement to you and to myself.

I know most blogs are geared specifically toward organizing, diy projects, couponing, baking, and more, but I am glad I started mine broad so I don’t feel obligated to sticking to one subject. I have several fun things on my list for the blog this year. I’ll give you a little sneak peak at some of the top items:

  1. Transfer blogspot blog to my already paid for domain name

This would be awesome. I have a blog there, but only have one post and that was just put there so I could learn what I was doing and what needs to be changed! So, please be patient, and don’t judge---it’s taking me forever.

   2.  Be Consistent in blog posts

   3.   Do more series

Please give me some suggestions. I’d love to hear them and would love to do what I can to help you in whatever area.

   4.   Learn better photography skills, including a few classes

   5.   Have several guest posts

Those are just a few of the things I desire for myself through this blog this year. I hope and pray you will stick with me and will be encouraged.