Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Mantle

I am currently amidst the frozen tundra soaking in every second with my sweet family. What fun we as sisters and my momma have had together. Yes, to those of you who suspected--I do miss my littles and my sweet hubby and look forward to being together soon. BUT, this break has been what my weary body, and burdened soul needed for some rejuvenation and jump start into this year with the right perspective and Christ-centered attitude.

So much has happened the last few weeks, but I am so thankful for the continued message of Christmas and the Christ who can still live within my own heart.

I had made myself a pretty huge list of to dos before I flew here. Honestly, I know it was only the Lord who helped me cross each thing off that dreaded list. One of those things was to remove Christmas decorations and put something up for the time being. I didn’t have much time for the decorating part since we had guests scheduled for about 5 days and then I flew out the next. I just had to put my thinking cap on and figure out something easy and still beautiful to me.

I kept my white stick tree out and grabbed a mercury glass bowl that I had found for $2.50 at Hobby Lobby (I know, awesome, right?) I threw a few painted pine cones in it and some twigs. I found a little winter looking bird from my decor stash and stuck him at he base.   DSC_0567DSC_0568

I grabbed a few of my white ornaments out of my ornament bin before lugging them to the shed for storage. I found this cool jar at a yard sale this summer. So, I filled it with glass balls and voila!DSC_0569

I made this little burlap banner for our mantle in our bedroom before Christmas. I love it, and it fit the theme I was going with in the living room. Plus, I tried to empty off ours so Brian could mount the bedroom mantle to the wall. DSC_0570I had to use my Epsom salt covered bottle with some sparkly twigs and painted pinecones and reindeer.DSC_0571

I kept out a few of the green trees just to keep some natural color in here, and I liked the greens. Just grabbed a wooden box for dimension and height and threw a few burlap bottomed trees up there.DSC_0572

Here is another simple wreath idea! I found this wreath covered in hideous and OLD nasty fall decorations right after Christmas. It cost me a few dollars, but I love these kind of wreaths. I just pulled all the decor of and glued 2 cute white ornaments on it that I had found at Hobby Lobby for pennies after Christmas. I used a piece of burlap to hang it over the mirror.DSC_0576

Here is the finished version. I used much of my Christmas decor but just pulled out the reds and other colors. Wanted to go with a more natural theme until I hit my Valentines mantle!DSC_0558DSC_0564Hope the first week of the New Year has been great. Have lots planned for this blog this year. Praying I can be a blessing through this avenue.