Friday, February 14, 2014

“Frigid” Blessings

Look at the new fridge God gave to us! I am elated! A conversation came up last week at our Ladies Bible study mentioning that there was a fridge someone was trying to sell for a great price. The fridge was less than 6 months old, but the particular owner was moving and needed it gone. Long story short, I have had a broken fridge for a few months now. My sweet hero of a husband has tried many times to fix it and we have spent money to get new parts, etc, but NOTHING was working. Thankfully he got the thermostat to work so it kept things cold enough, but certain things would still freeze in the fridge and the freezer was leaking daily into the fridge. It became a daily morning routine to dump out the water from all the drawers and scrape off ice. I figured a few months of that and I could handle it, but when the new fridge was mentioned I asked if we could have it. Alas, there it sits. I know you are probably wondering, “But it’s not white, and it doesn’t match!” I don’t care---it was God’s gift to me and color doesn’t matter. DSC_1401

No more emptying drawers and laying towels down to soak up lots of water and ice!

  DSC_1403 DSC_1402DSC_1395And, this is one of the things we did on our snow day! My kids love to read! Thank you, Mrs. Swaringen!





Happy Valentine’s Day to all my dear readers! Have a blessed weekend! I will be visiting with my mom and sister this weekend and then our church has revival all next week, so we will see how posting goes.