Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old Doors Anyone?

I know some have probably wondered if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth with my posts and my projects. Might I be honest? I have been so very busy lately and projects are becoming slim picking because we don’t really want to put any more money into the house. Now, I still do lots of rearranging and decorating, but nothing huge.

I got this cool old door after we used it for decorating an anniversary last summer and I decided I wanted to make a bed out of it. I had debated a pallet bed or maybe something a bit different, but I am excited to show you what I ended up doing with it. It has sat in the shed while I “patiently” awaited the right time to pursue.

Two Saturdays ago I helped my hubby hold this “100 lb” door as he cut it into the pieces I desired. It was really heavy and I am glad I didn’t try tackling that job alone, because it would have ended in a disaster.

Here it is…

old door bed

Part of my hesitation for starting was that I didn’t have anything to complete the job. You know the necessities like the metal frame that holds the mattress, the actual mattress, and the patience to bed-train a baby who was being moved from her crib. But, I had saved a bit of Christmas money and found a frame at a thrift store for $15. The mattress was given to me the day after I started the project for FREE.

I started by clear coating the entire door. I really liked the chipped paint looked and it goes so perfectly with their old armoire already in their room. After it dried I drew a line where I wanted the door cut. We carefully held it on the table saw and the saw did the work for us.

I didn’t have to mount anything or screw anything. We just propped the head board at the top of the bed and the foot board at the bottom sandwiched between the mattress and the cute hope chest my adopted parents gave me.










I pulled all the old quilts out and put them on the bottom of all the beds. I love the more vintage feel to their room. The girls helped me paint all the frames white and stuck them in a random collage above Maddies “new” bed.

I purchased the old door handle at Hobby Lobby for $5 and left all the old hinges on. I love it and my girls loved the “minor” change that mommy made. And, we are doing great with our 1 year old staying in her big girl bunk bed! DSC_1321DSC_1325 









I am still hunting for cool old white and light pink pillows to replace all the bright colored ones. But, for now, we are improvising.

Hope your day is extra special!