Wednesday, March 12, 2014

“Boring” to Boosting Brownies

valentine treats

Ever just want to make the boring treat become better?

Due to ice and snow our Valentines party was put off quite a bit at church, so we had a make up Valentine party and I had fun. Can’t you tell? Several of the senior guys had given their lists of wants for the evening so I wanted to make it special with a Valentine twist. Brownies were on the menu and cake pops. Since my back went out, the whole cake pop part was a no go, but I made 4 pans of brownies and then rolled 150 of them into balls, stuck a stick in them and froze them for an hour. After they were hardened enough I dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled fun Valentine sprinkles all over them. The pink and red drizzled Strawberries and pretzels were fun too. I looked like my kitchen had thrown up pink, but the teens seemed to enjoy them lots.

So, next time you make a pan of brownies and want to create a little extra buzz with your kids, stick a stick in them and dip them in chocolate. You cannot go wrong!