Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got it ALL wrong?


Not too much on the blog today from me. I seem to have some writer’s block and a LOT less time to spend, but I will be thankful to post at least once a week at least for a time.

Are you like me and try to understand and figure EVERYTHING out? I think I can honestly say I’m the most impatient person out there. Well, maybe not the most, but I rank up there. This weakness along with several other glaring ones has kept me on my knees much, especially of late!

This morning as I dealt with yet another situation my first response was that of “I don’t understand, or why?” I am so thankful that in the same moment I walked under my giant diy chalkboard only to see this quote staring down at me. Then, it was a run to the Lord and beg for forgiveness moment. Instead of asking the reason I could thank Him and trust Him that He knows best.

I spent time today praying for dear friends who are undergoing HUGE trials, new friends who are amidst the complete unknown, and people I don’t even know who are enveloped in uncertainties. It is all around us, friends. The World surrounds, sin invades, and God ALLOWS us to venture through some “Tough stuff!” But, even in that He wants us not to understand Him, but to TRUST Him. I know it is easier said than done, but it is possible, I promise! And, the results are so rewarding and the worrying always brings chaos.

Rest and Trust in Him today, sweet readers. Shoot me an email or a comment—I’d love to pray with you!