Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pillows piled high

DSC_1547 DSC_1548








Yes, if you know me well enough you know of my LOVE for pillows! All shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and more. But, the best quality is CHEAP. Pillow prices are horrendous and I think I’ve only ever actually paid $12 for 1 pillow in my whole life (decorative pillows) and that was with a gift card for a special birthday splurge.

Some have asked where I find them? Well, yard sales, Goodwills, and thrift stores are my biggest market. I know, used, yuck! Well, some extra sun, a quick suffocating fix for any nasty creatures and then an extra hot soak in the washer and a hot cycle in the dryer takes care of it! Sometimes I throw the inserts out if they are nasty, but usually I can salvage them for a later project if I just want the cover.

I found the pillow covers in the above pictures from my faithful store---Hobby Lobby. They have a huge selection and all run around $7 which is really not bad. Then add your 40% off coupon and voila it makes for a cheap “new” pillow for only a few bucks. These were my extra finds after getting a bunch at yard sales for my bedroom redo.

A handy sewing machine and or a glue gun and a fun material can make for a simple and fun way to create diy covers too. I always love seeing my friend at The Frugal Homemaker’s pillow creations. You can see one made from a placemat here.

Lest you think I have enough—nope! My eyes are always peeled for more. I am in the process of determining color changes for our next home which has my mind spinning at different color pillows.

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