Thursday, May 8, 2014

Construction themed banquet

“Every wise woman buildeth her house…”

When I was asked last year to cater the ladies banquet I was excited. It certainly became clear that it would be the busiest month of my life---no joke. But, I had fun being creative with a construction theme. 

We did it simple this time around for the sake of all involved. 

Our menu was…

Salad & Warm Homeade Crescent rolls

Taco Soup & Tortilla chips (will share recipe tomorrow)

Pudding & Yogurt bar complete with lots of yummy toppings

Tea & Water

I am so thankful for my kitchen staff and my amazing waiters! I will for sure miss these times, but I am thankful for the many experiences and wonderful life long memories.

ladies banquet ladies banquet2 ladies banquet3 ladies banquet4 ladies banquet5