Wednesday, May 7, 2014


IMG_1357sm Guess you want to say, “You’re back!!!” It’s been over a month since I’ve placed my fingers on the blog. Kind of sad actually. I am going to attempt a bit of a month review over the next week for you to get caught up a bit. I’ve been all over, literally! Ladies banquet catering, Wisconsin wedding and funeral, stranded for a week with a broken vehicle, ginormous wedding to cater, huge banquet for youth, and getting our house ready to sell complete with several showings. It’s been crazy is somewhat of an understatement! But, I can breath a bit now with all those events behind us. Now I just have to pack!

My husband gave his 2-weeks notice last week and is excited about his last day May 15th. I am excited for him too. He has worked so diligently over many years and the Lord is giving us the desire of our hearts being in full-time ministry. If you hadn’t heard, he has accepted an assistant pastorate position at an amazing church located right outside Charleston, South Carolina! Our hearts have already been knit with the dear people at Northside and we cannot wait to be able to serve there on a daily basis.

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, will be our last Sunday at EBC. After that we will be commuting on weekends to SC until the Lord allows us to find a house to move into and to sell our home. There are many transitions ahead, but we are excited to sit back and watch in amazement at the Lord’s clear hand in directing.

I’ve certainly grown to love our humble little home, and I have mixed feelings about leaving it. But, I am sure the next house will bring on many diy projects that I can eventually blog about and many memories to hold.

Thanks for sticking with me even in my time of absence!