Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cookbook Rough Draft

Well, it’s finally here…

Years ago I had a sweet college girl tell me to put all my recipes into a cookbook. I started the long process of typing things out and taking pictures of things as I made them. It has been an accumulation since 2011 and I just kept adding to it. But, after almost 3 years I realized I’d never print it if I didn’t just stop adding. So, when I prepared a bridal shower for a dear college girl that we could say has been like a daughter to us, I knew it was time to just hit the print button and hope for the rest.

It is definitely a rough draft. I completely forgot to put page numbers in and that was a needed since I had an index. I opted to just write numbers on the bottom instead of using more ink to reprint the entire thing. I think it ended up being 88 pages.

IMG_6085I opted to just get a 1-in binder and put some fun paper in the front and the side.

I put all the recipes in page protectors.


Front page


Example of other pages

I am excited to finally have most of them typed up and in a book form. Looking forward to adding a few more that the kids and I worked up the past few weeks.