Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Sweet Granny D


While we were in NC to “close on our house” we spent some time visiting a very dear friend of mine. Granny D is the most godly lady and consistent prayer warrior one can find. I treasure her friendship far more than I ever thought I had. She attended my ladies Bible study on many occasion and shared wonderful wisdom and constant smiles. What a blessed joy it was to sit and sing to her with all the kids. She shed several tears and gave many squeezes. It’s hard when saints get old and are somewhat alone and you live so far away from them and cannot come help at all. But, it’s fun to pick up the phone and chat with them.

Sweet Granny D whispered something in my ears the week before we moved. What she whispered made me cry and made my heart break. “Molly, please pray I can go to Heaven soon. I hurt so bad, and I just want to be with Jesus! Sometimes I just want to go to sleep and wake up with Jesus.” It’s hard when people are suffering. I know Jesus has had many purposes for Sweet Granny D and she has blessed all those that cross her path. So, is it selfish for me to pray on her behalf? I think not. I simply ask Jesus when I think of her that He bring her home to Him soon if that is His desire. And, if He desires her to remain that He use her in ways that are indescribable!

I can say that I’ve seen Jesus in her! What a testimony that is! I pray that one day someone could say the same of me—faithful and a genuine servant for Jesus to the very end.

We love you, Granny D!