Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Splurge vs. Save

Sometimes it’s fun to splurge, but for me it’s even more fun to save and still be able to afford the splurges by shopping in different places. If you follow my blog you would see this way of shopping has become my  habit. My home and wardrobe are filled with fun “saving” stories.

I like getting a new purse every now and then. However, I will be honest….the prices for purses are horrendous. I hold it and think of it’s beauty and how much I’d use it. Then, my mind wanders to think of all the groceries or outfits at GF (Goodwill Fashions) I could buy with that much money. I think I’ve actually only ever bought a brand new purse from a mall/store TWICE. But, I have found some brand new (tags still on) purses at some of my favorite thrift stores and of course, Goodwill! My mom and I found a purse last year at a thrift store and paid $12 for it. We later researched it and pulled up the bar code only to find out it was worth $1000! How could anyone spend that much on a purse?

My favorite purse find was with 1154 Lill Studio. I really liked the reversible ones with wooden handles just because. The one below was $55 each side so it would have totaled $110 plus shipping for me to have it made. That’s a Big Splurge!

1154 purse

I was just looking at the cases at Goodwill and noticed this pretty 1154 lill purse with the price tag on it of $109! I loved it, but never planned on spending that much on a purse. When I asked to look at it and then asked for Goodwill’s price I was thrilled to hear $9.99! It was the most I’ve spent on a purse at Goodwill, but I was tickled that I could find something new and fashionable for that much savings. This has been a purse that has brought many compliments and I can say I didn’t break the bank to purchase it.


One of my favorite savings on furniture would have to be my big white chair in the living room. I loved this chair at Ikea, but the price tag was $129.00. This was tooo big of a splurge for me at the time.ikea chair

Then, I found this as a replacement… IMG_6390

I found this chair under a hideous green slip cover at Goodwill. And, the best part is that I paid $9.99 for it! Far beats the $129 price and I think I like this one better anyhow.

Lest you think you cannot dress in style or furnish your home without breaking the bank---it’s not true! The 2 items above that I loved and could have splurged on would have cost me $239+ but I only paid $19.98+ tax!

That is a savings of $219.02

Have you wanted to Splurge, but found yourself Saving instead and loving your find even more? Would love to hear your Splurge vs. Save story!

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