Tuesday, August 12, 2014

$2 “Steal”

Last weekend was tax free weekend and our Goodwills had an additional 10% off plus double rewards so it was a fun shopping experience. I found this brand new Target jean skirt with tags still on it of $22.99.


It was not my size, but I thought I’d buy it and try to return it to target for in-store credit. After coupons, I paid $1.99 for the skirt at Goodwill. A few days later I had a little “me” time and ran to a few stores alone. Target was one of the first stops I made. I took the skirt to the customer service desk and she gave me a gift card for $24.83!


The next part was the fun part….wandering Target alone, with a Starbucks coffee and no “must haves” on my list.IMG_6668

I randomly placed fun finds in my cart for an hour. I then narrowed it down to my money allotment and this is what I got. Every item was on major sale or clearance so that’s why I could get it all.

  • I got 8 blue square plates that I’ve wanted for a long time. (they aren’t really that bright)
  • We seemed to have misplaced silverware over the years of having fellowships in our home.  So, I got 4 sets of silverware at B1G1 at 50% off! Plus, it was on sale too.
  • I’ve been looking for some fun little containers for our master bedroom closet. I got 3 gray & 2 blue.
  • And, lastly, I found this cute gray maxi dress on the clearance rack

blue plates silverware skirt totes





For $1.99 I purchased all that! (: It was a pretty fun adventure for sure.

{fyi, every store has different rules for returns without receipts. There is a limit at Target too (they scan your license)} I don’t plan on making this a regular habit, it was just a fun, random thing.