Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Master Bathroom Makeover

DSC_2518 IMG_6654  









We recently bought a home right outside of Charleston, SC. I am in love to say the least. But, there were a few little projects that had to be done before we actually can move in. We are hoping to get all our furniture, clothing, etc, brought over from the townhouse sometime this week.

The above is a picture of our master bathroom. The space is GREAT and I love that there is a huge tub and a nice shower completely separate. But, there was one glaring thing. Can you see it? If your answer was Wow! Look at that RED bathroom, you win. Once all the decorations and towels, etc were removed it really didn’t look as awful as the picture above. I contemplated leaving it for a time and just coordinating red pillows on our bed. But, then I stood at the door again and kind of gagged because I hated it. (we women can do that, right?)

I had already picked a silver gray out for our bedroom so I grabbed my paint swatches and pulled 2 shades darker for the bathroom. I LOVE it! I now cannot wait to decorate it. And, now there wont be any red pillows on our bed. I’m thinking some fun bright colors or prints. We shall see.

Here is a sneak peak of our master bedroom…


…come back soon!