Monday, September 22, 2014

31 Series Coming up

Remember last year’s 31 posts? I thought I was crazy to tackle such a project, but I actually enjoyed it and learned so much! You can catch a recap of my series on 31 days of Revealing my “Secrets” here.

I had several ideas as to the direction I was going to take this year, but through a series of events this week I chose a topic that I am currently passionate about----FOOD! Not just the eating of good food, but all the work that goes into food on an every day basis.

Ever wonder how to plan for big events, throw themed birthday parties on a dime, entertaining at the last minute? We are going to take a few days and discuss Festivity planning.

Maybe you aren’t a big party animal and just like to keep your kitchen tidy. We will spend a few days discussing organizational helps. There are many fun and useful ways to keeping your food and kitchen organized.

And, if those topics aren’t for you, well, I’m fairly certain you will be interested in optimizing your budget! I know I’m not the only momma, wife, or woman who is frustrated at the rise in food prices and the constant growth spurts. We are going to take a sneak peek into some fun things I do to stretch our food and make meals that fill and don’t break the bank. And, if you are a momma who packs lunches for school-age children, hop on over and see some fun foods that you can stock the freezer with and stick in those lunch boxes.

Lastly, ever wonder how and where to find good recipes or create some of your own? Or, maybe just the desire to have a few fun favorites? I know, PINTEREST is a great place to look. But, sometimes it’s those tried and true recipes from your Grandma that still rank as number 1!

I would love to have you visit as we jump into 31 Days of FOOD starting October 1st. 

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