Friday, September 12, 2014

Front Porch Welcome

Front porch (3)

Sometimes we think a sitting area or any decorations have to be a huge ordeal or a big thing! I have this little front porch that I would love to eventually have a nice white swing on or a few nice wicker to lounge in. And, of course, piles of fun outdoor pillows. Oh, and maybe some beautiful hanging plants. My list could go on!

But, for now it is a home to my $5 bench with a new coat of Behr Waterproofing wood stain. There are a few random pillows thrown on for a bit of color and a beat up runner I nabbed at a yard sale a few weeks back.

It’s good to have high expectations and fun desires for each space in your home. But, sometimes it’s good to make those spaces beautiful even when you cannot make it the way you dream it to one day be. It still can be beautiful if it doesn’t meet your “perfect” desire and plan.

I found that little wooden window for 25 cents at a yard sale 2 weeks ago. I still need to give it a nice coat of spray paint, but still deciding on color.

And, do you see that cute little pink bucket under the bench? Proof that I have sweet children who love to collect shells from the beach. Guess they thought it was a good hiding place?!

My front porch welcomes you at any time! And, I probably would offer you some warm chocolate chip cookies if you let me know you’re coming to visit.