Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Master Bedroom turned Gray

Here is a picture of our master bedroom when we moved in. It is huge!! Seriously, I feel like we get a little lost in there after the size of our last room, but we love it. The picture doesn’t do justice at all. The walls were a tan shade and there are beautiful faux wood blinds that I love.  DSC_2513

The tan was nice, but the whole house is painted in the tan family and I really wanted our suite to be gray! With the help my sweet Chloe Belle we painted the walls a silver gray. It brightened the room up so much!


I honestly was scared half way through that it looked too blue! I hated it with a passion, but once I got the coats completed and put the blinds and curtains up I loved it.


Last year a friend of ours threw this old gate door on the side of the road. I immediately begged one of our teen boys to throw it in the back of Brian’s truck. I am so thankful I did, because we’ve put it to good use in our new room. Come back tomorrow to see the finished product. We’ve made a diy headboard trash style!


I found 2 huge curtain panels at a yard sale and cut them in half for our two windows.


You can see here how desperately we need a different light. The lighting is AWFUL. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some good deals. IMG_6754I haven’t finished our mantel and sitting area, but for now it is staged until we mount the mantle and find my gorgeous gray vintage couch! IMG_6915   Come back tomorrow to see our diy headboard! Thanks for visiting.