Friday, September 26, 2014

Pillow Weakness

I am confident you have awaited this post---some would say my favorite thrift finds are pillows! I would reply that it isn’t my favorite, but it sure comes close to the top.

What is the purpose of so many pillows? Well, my friend, I simply love the way it brings pops of colors and dimensions of textures to a seemingly normal head of the bed or corner of the room pillows 

I contemplated taking every pillow off the furniture and snapping nice pictures of the “naked” furniture. But, I just couldn’t get myself to do all that work. I mean, who wants to throw dozens of pillows on the floor, take a picture of boredom and then pick all the pillows up and make it look all pretty again? Not I! I would much rather you just use your imagination of what the bed or couch would look like if I’d remove my pillow friends.

I mean, can you just see this bed in my little girls room without the pops of greens and grays?Girls room pillows 

Or, what our diy headboard would look like without any fun pillows gracing its presence?Gray and yellow bedroom

Not to mention the big couch without it’s companions…Family Room (3)

And, who says a front porch cannot look a little cozy?Harvest porch

I will admit I do have a pillow stock. But, I can always use some cuter ones, bolder colors, season change outs and more. Pillows add so much to a room. So, are you ready to add a few extra pops of color in your bedroom or living room? Hope this pillow post can inspire you just a little bit! And, if by chance, you see a cute pillow not from the 1970’s and you think of me I’m sure I can send you my address!