Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of FOOD

  BIG LINKY 2014

I would have to say that one of my favorite rooms in my home is my kitchen! That love comes from a variety of reasons, but in the end without the kitchen your home wouldn’t happen. I’m excited to jump through this series with my readers. I constantly need to tweak ways I do things and daily learn what works best for me within my own kitchen. The same is true for you, friends! Not every post will help you, but I hope that it may inspire you a bit and it may help all of us as we venture into the KITCHEN each day. 

Ever wonder how to plan for big events, throw themed birthday parties on a dime,  or entertain at the last minute? We are going to take a few days and discuss Festivity planning.

Maybe you aren’t a big party animal and you just like to keep your kitchen tidy and organized. There are many fun and useful ways to keeping your food and kitchen organized. We will spend a few days discussing organizational helps.

And, if those topics aren’t for you, well, I’m fairly certain you will be interested in optimizing your budget! I know I’m not the only momma, wife, or woman who is frustrated at the rise in food prices and the constant growth spurts with my children. We are going to take a sneak peek into some fun things I do to stretch our food and make meals that fill and don’t break the bank. And, if you are a momma who packs lunches for school-age children, hop on over and see some fun foods that you can stock the freezer with and stick in those lunch boxes.

Lastly, ever wonder how and where to find good recipes or develop some recipes of your own? Or, maybe just the desire to have a few fun favorites? I know, PINTEREST is a great place to look. But, sometimes it’s those tried and true recipes from your Grandma that still rank as number one!

Below you will find all 31 daily topics. Each day I will put the link to that post here so it is easy to catch up. Hoping this series can be helpful to all of us.

Festivity Planning

Day 1- Introduction

Day 2- Pop-in Visitor Helps

Day 3- Themed Birthday Party on a Dime

Day 4- Fun tips to hosting Showers/parties in or away from home

Day 5- Keeping the Stock up--- essentials to have on hand

Day 6- Help! Guests are coming… we need a menu

Day 7- Freezer, my love

Organization Helps

Day 8- After School Zone

Day 9- Container Madness

Day 10- Spice Overload

Day 11- Lists, Lists, and More lists

Day 12- Your “Friend” Pantry

Optimizing Food Budget

Day 13- Frustrating Food Prices

Day 14- Couponing & Price Matching Helps with helpful Apps

Day 15- School lunch Dilemna—weekly suggestions

Day 16- Our Kid’s favorite Lunch friend- Recipe share

Day 17- Switch it up & Get Creative

Day 18- Filling Food Favorites- Recipe Share

Day 19-Filling Food Favorites 2- Recipe Share

Day 20- Bucket o’ Snacks-Recipe Share

Developing New Recipes

Day 21- Recipe Box Overhaul

Day 22- Recipe Write-down

Day 23- Methods for Tweaking---finding your niche, researching, and learning

Day 24- Food prep at its best or worst?

Day 25- From Grandma’s, Mom’s, to Mine

Day 26- Crockpot Attachment—Recipe share---- Chicken chili, bbq chicken, pork roasts, stroganoff

Day 27- Baking & Bread Helps—Recipe share---Homemade bread, Shortbread bars, Dream bars

Day 28- Soups Galore--Recipe share----cheeseburger soup, chili, autumn soup,  chicken enchilada soup

Day 29 - Like the Chicken--Recipe Share---stuffed chicken, curry chicken, chicken Alfredo

Day 30- Pasta ala carte--Recipe Share--- chicken penne, Beef medallions, spaghetti, stuffed shells

Day 31- Kitchen in Review