Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10-Spice Overload


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Aren’t spice cupboards the epitome of nastiness in kitchens? I mean, I’ve seen some pretty awful cabinets with spices shoved every which way. And, to be completely honest, it was within the walls of my own home. What put me over the edge was when I was preparing dinner and went to grab salt and garlic only to find nothing left in either. I couldn’t stand running out and I like flavored food.

Thus, my mind spun in a million directions as I hunted my home for some way to organize my beloved spices.

And, once again, I opted to use JARS!!! Are you shocked? I had bought several cases of small jars the summer before at a yard sale and I hadn’t filled them all up.

I just made sure they were clean and dumped away!!! Goodbye annoying plastic containers that I cannot see through and that don’t stack nicely, and Hello organized spices!

Say, “Hello” to my spices!

spicecupboard (2) 

I was having issues with my oils too. Sometimes they came in too tall of bottles, and I didn’t want to change my shelf heights. So, into 2 jars it went!


You can get fancy and chalkboard your jars, but since I use this stuff every day, I opted to just grab a permanent marker and write the spice name on the front and on the top. If you have deep enough drawers you could even organize that way.

 spicejars (3) spicejars (4) 

The next time you open that door and they come tumbling out on you and you cannot find that curry spice, grab your jars and get to pouring! It is a quick and cheap way to organize.

spicejars (6) spicejars 

    Come back tomorrow for a super SHORT posts on LISTS!!!