Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 12-Your friend, Pantry

your friend pantry

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A kitchen pantry can be a daunting task. It may look like a tornado has swept through or has been the best hiding place for “starving” littles or teens. It may be the “dump all” spot or just the quickest place to throw those canned goods without a second glance.However, when a pantry is organized you actually save money. You can quote me on that, okay?!!


    Pantry organization (3)      

How? Well, if you have tackled the task of cleaning out and straightening your pantry you have probably come across some of these…

Expired food

Mice nastiness

Dead bugs

Opened food that has been opened for who knows how long and now tastes stale


Trash of any kind

An overabundance of the same item

That is not an exhaustive list, but I think it is pretty clear then what I mean by saving money with organization in this department. What do you do with that expired food? I am sure at times you do the best you can to make it or force the littlest to devour it with no cares in the world, however, I think for the most part it gets shoved in the trash with not much thought to the money you just threw out.

And, ugh, mice nastiness…that’s a closed topic. Dead bugs come pretty close. But, again, the trash is the happiest thing in your kitchen in these times. Now, does it mean that if you have any of these that your kitchen is disgusting and your pantry atrocious? No, I’ve been in many a neat friend’s home where they had a mice problem. But, they were aware of it and had an organized pantry where they could have their eyes peeled if the problem arose.

Stale food is nasty and if you are like me stale cereal is disgusting. Oh, and soggy crackers? To the trash they go for the most part.

All this to say, take the time to go through your pantry or cupboards and get rid of what doesn’t belong! Does that mean there will never be anything stale? Nope. It doesn’t even mean it will always stay organized and you may have a bad week. But, never let the pantry monster of disorganization take over. You will end up with an overflowing trash can, hungry kids, and an empty wallet.

pantry organization (6)

Remember our post on Container madness?Find buckets, baskets, boxes, or jars to help make organizing easy and fun.

pantry organization (5)

If you have children let them help organize your canned goods so you always know what you have.

It’s so much easier to find what you need without having to dig through piles.

Come on back tomorrow for my thoughts on Frustrating Food Prices and what I’ve learned to do about them.