Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13- Frustrating Food Prices


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Yes, we are living in a crazy world filled with technology, cars, major materialism and growing gas prices. But, if you are the shopper of the family you know all too well that it is the rise in food prices that is hitting us off our feet at times. We don’t HAVE to have those purses, heels, newest iphones, and other such pleasures this day has to offer but, we absolutely HAVE to eat.

My post today isn’t for the purpose of spreading major discouragement about prices but to maybe shed a little light on it and then tomorrow discuss some things that have been essential for making my way around those frustrations.

I know milk prices vary in whatever state you are living within, but when we moved to Charleston and the price for milk was $4.89 I seriously cried in the Wal-Mart aisle. No, I’m not an emotional girl, but when it comes to being stressed with the budget and lists of needs for my families physical well-being, I get a little choked up when I can’t be in control. So, that shopping trip where I was supposed to grab 3 gallons of milk ended with just 1 lonely gallon of milk in the cart. I was frustrated to no end. But, when I got home I decided I had to figure out something different that would work for me and my $400 monthly budget. That is when my husband and I delved into different sites and suggestions the internet and some friends had mentioned.

On a positive note, last week I paid$2.78 for 2 gallons of milk. Come back tomorrow and see exactly how I was able to do that. Not every shopping adventure is as positive, but I am doing something differently the two times of month I grocery shop---I’m doing my homework and trying to be smart with my food choices. I believe all too often we want the grocery shopping to be easy and quick. Most often than not, the easier it is the more expensive the outing becomes. I have found that I have enjoyed it more when I challenge myself to do well, save more, and bring home sometimes double than what I could have normally.

I know in previous posts I’ve mentioned the importance of stocking up when sales are incredibly low! It may be better to not grab that extra box of cereal and get the 3 packages of cheese that are on closeout cost. I know that this post isn’t answering major questions or tell you how I do it, but I want you to come back tomorrow to see what is working better for me! It’s gonna be a long one, so hold on to your seats.

Join me tomorrow for Couponing & Price Matching Helps complete with Apps that I couldn’t shop without.