Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14- Couponing & Price Matching Helps with helpful Apps


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I have had terrible luck lately with great coupons. Most of the coupons out there are the boxed processed garbage that I particularly do not care to feed my kids on a daily or even semi regular basis. So, I somewhat threw the coupon thing out for a long time. But, when I find coupons for what we actually use I snatch them as quickly as I can. Be smart about your couponing. I know there are avid couponers out there, and sometimes I wish I could be just like them. Then, I remember when I did it that way and how it didn’t work as well as I had thought. So, sometimes it’s okay to figure out what’s best for your family and your budget. My way to grocery shop and save may not be best for you, and that’s okay. Just know that your doing some research and putting time and thought into saving will be incredibly rewarding.

What stores are my favorites?

  • BiLo, Publix, CVS, Harris Teeter, and Wal-Mart

This list is just the beginning I hope. I haven’t lived in this area long, but I am figuring out the best places to go. Price matching is still something I do, but not as often and as avid as I did this summer due to the apps I’ve gotten and due to sales at the above stores. Our Bilo and Publix are right next to each other and it’s better to just get the sale items at each one instead of the hassle of price matching at Walmart. Wal-Mart was changing up their price matching policies so much anyhow so it was getting frustrating to work with cashiers who had no clue what the rules were.

BiLo is probably my all-time favorite right now. Their BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) options are wonderful and I am thrilled when I can walk out of the store with double of what I could have gotten. Bilo also gives fuelperks and cash back on certain items. The last several grocery trips I’ve gotten $5 off purchase coupon for my next visit. Top coupons on top of that and it makes this lady one happy shopper! I really cannot stand purchasing meats from Walmart for a great deal of reasons. It’s just not the greatest quality or price. Bilo often has major meat sales and this is where I stock up. It’s even better when they mark their stuff down with dollar off coupons stuck on the tops. We also quite often end up with 35-40 cents off per gallon of gas. The fuel perk rewards are regularly rewarded for items we need and buy on each trip. So, bilo not only helps me get more for my money; it helps me save on our gas budget! It kills Two birds with one stone!   Bilo’s quality of meats is wonderful as well. 

I would shop at Publix in a heart beat 24/7. It is the cleanest and friendliest of stores. However, the prices just don’t make that possible. But, I do shop their BOGO sales and other sales that I find on Southernsavers.com. Love the quality of food at Publix.

I tend to do BiLo first because I do the majority of my NEED shopping here. (ie, meats, dairy, veggies, fruits, pastas, cheese, etc) If you shop at more than one store make sure you have a plan of action and are organized with your coupons and lists. I have a system that works for me, and I think it’s important for you to figure out what works best for you too. You can see what I’ve done to get organized on one of my price matching trips here……

I am excited though to share with you a list of apps I regularly use on my new shopping adventures. If you click any of the pictures below it will take you to that particular site. Disclaimer: I have only just started many of these and am not a professional user. I have and will continue to have bumps in the road and some “bad” shopping days. However, these apps have helped me and brought back some of the lost excitement of grocery shopping since we moved to Moncks Corner. Don’t attempt to tackle every app all in the same day. There are wonderful tutorials/videos on how to use them on their sites or even on Southernsavers.com.

Checkout 51 makes it easy to scan your receipts and claim cash for items that quite often are regularly on my shopping list. Who wouldn’t want to earn $1 back for buying a gallon of milk? Once you reach $20 they will send you a check. I have used it for a week and haven’t even grocery shopped for our family. I’ve just scanned a few receipts from church stuff and I’m up to $5.75 already.

checkout 51

Walmart Savings Catcher is another easy way to snatch some rewards on a Walmart gift card. And, may I be honest, I’ve found a few receipts in the parking lot and scanned them. Makes it sweeter when you earn money for others littering! This is simply a scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt app. Super easy!!

savings catcher

Beep’nGo is a great way to scan all your grocery cards so you don’t have to dig around your wallet looking for that particular store’s card. Organize it on your phone and have the cashier scan it at the checkout! Amazing and fast!


Ibotta is another one that gives rebates and you scan your receipt and earn cash or gift cards. I think this one is becoming one of my favorites! They even have rebates for restaurants, Home improvement stores, electronics, and so much more! It appears to be more complicated, but really it is not. It just will take some work getting used to which stores and what rebates you will use. If you’d like to check it out it would be awesome if you used my referral link https://ibotta.com/register?friend=sngwtls


Snap is a tremendous one that I just recently was invited to join by another blogger friend. Take pictures of your receipt and earn cash back! Would love for you to check it out and mention this referral link so I can earn some more cash back…. https://snap.groupon.com/app?ref=44a4d9e67a7d9e9b


Saving Star is “the smart and simple way to save.” You simply look through their offers and click on the ones you plan to use. It makes it easy then during your shopping trip to click on list and know exactly what items you will get rebates from. Saving Star can actually access your rewards cards for whatever stores you give it. If I’m shopping at Food Lion I simply hit the food lion button and it brings up my card code. No more carrying a bazillion store cards in my wallet!

savin star

Receipt Hog actually is a fun little friendly app. The pig actually oinks at you asking for more receipts. This one isn’t as great as all the others and quite honestly my kids seem to enjoy it more. However, it just involves snapping a picture of your receipt and you earn coins for each one!


I somewhat chuckle after I’ve scanned every receipt in 4-5 different apps. But, when I can earn sometimes $2 on each that equals $12 each shopping trip. You cannot beat getting paid to snap a picture. I have lots to learn and am still finding apps that seem like they would work great but haven’t tackled any more new for now. Shopmium is another that I just looked into, but haven’t delved into learning quite yet. And, if you shop at Target you need to get Cartwheel. They have great deal on milk and many other items.

CVS extra care bucks are another great help! Remember my $2.87 spent total for 2 gallons of milk? This was simply done because CVS sent me $4 Extra care bucks because I filled out a 2 minute survey about my previous shopping trip. Keep an eye out for those quick surveys because you can ultimately get paid to answer simple questions that can possibly even better your next shopping experience. Bilo did it for me a few weeks ago and I earned a $2 off for my next shopping trip.

I have not found a fail proof way yet to organize or digest all this on each of my trips. However, I plan to have a follow-up post on my progress and failures next month. I have a big shopping trip on Thursday this week so I am excited to use these apps again. I will say though that in the last few weeks of discovering many of these apps I have found a receipt and gone into each app and taken a picture and submitted it. For an actual all out grocery shop, my organizational skills will definitely have to be put into action a bit more.

So, lots to digest, right? Don’t be overwhelmed! Find what works for you a little at a time and see the savings begin to add up. Happy shopping my dear readers!

Stop back tomorrow and see some fun things I do to prepare for our kiddos school lunches!