Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21- Recipe Box Overhaul

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My biggest tip for you when it comes to your recipe box is to Weed through it often!!! If you don’t make those items or if your family does not care for a particular meal---throw it out! Pull that card out and get rid of it. You really only want to hang on to the recipes that you love and enjoy making. When you fail to bring in new and get rid of the old nasty stuff our recipe box becomes a heaping disorganized mess. Instead of being your friend in some intense moments, it becomes your worst nightmare when you are desperate to find a particular recipe at a moments notice.

I have my recipes in a photo box someone gave me many years ago. I found that it was bigger and could hold nice dividers, etc. Honestly, I really need to purchase a new one since I’ve worn this one to pieces.

Recipe box

I have also placed many of my recipes that I’ve created and the ones that have become my families favorites in a nifty cook book that I’ve given as bridal gifts.

 recipe book (2) recipe book  

So, when you pull out that box when deciding on what recipe to grab, make sure you take a few moments to get rid of some of the ones you hate and don’t make.

Organize your recipes! Organizing anything makes it easier on yourself in the long run. It’s better to know exactly where it is instead of frantically pulling all the cards out because you don’t know where it got stuck last. Use little dividers or pieces of tape or separators with categories that work best for you.

Join us tomorrow for a few thoughts on Recipe Write-down.