Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 22- Recipe Write-down

pinterest board return page

Good ole’ pinterest, google,recipe books, and more has been on the rise! Pinterest has most definitely surpassed the lot though. With all those great opportunities to find new wonderful recipes there still is a dilemna. We tend to “pin it” or find it and forget about it.

This is a short and simple post today---if you try it, love it, and want to make it again----WRITE IT DOWN!!!

Maybe it’s just me, but Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming and even when you organize your pins in certain boards, it doesn’t mean they are easy to access when you are standing in your kitchen craving that particular recipe you used a few months back.

So, the next time you fix a “new” creation, write it down exactly how it worked for you so that you and your family can once again enjoy it without so much hassle.

I guess I’m one of those strange people, because I rarely follow a recipe to the ‘t’. I tend to switch it up a bit and then totally forget what I did. My husband often looks at me across the table and asks, “Did you write it down this time?” I will have to admit I’ve learned this lesson the hard way far too many times.

It’s a simple post---- Just WRITE it down and cooking life will be ten times easier. And, if you’ve written it down and put it away correctly in your newly organized recipe box --cooking will become simple!