Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 31- Kitchen in Review

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Wow! I cannot believe you stuck with me for a whole 31 days! I’ll have to admit this was the most enjoyable and less stressful 31 day series I’ve done and I am so thankful that I tackled it this year. I will have to admit blogging is not my forte and I’m not one of those blogs that attracts thousands of followers. However, I have thoroughly loved sharing things I’ve learned with some pretty awesome readers. It’s fun to hear that others are using recipes I’ve shared or helps that have worked for me. But, I smile even more when readers contact me mentioning things they have changed to meet their families specific needs and desires. Love it when we can all get creative in our own little ways.

I contemplated changing today’s post for a variety of reasons. But, I especially didn’t want to end with just a recap of all the stuff I’ve already talked about. I wanted to share a few more recipes too, but I opted to wait and share those over the next few weeks as we prepare for the holidays.

Instead I want to give my readers a bit of an extra boost as you venture into your own kitchen kingdom each day. It’s easy to get discouraged in our day to day life. It’s easy to fall prey to comparison, competition, being one up on the Joneses, etc. Might I encourage you that your kitchen does not have to be Pinterest worthy to create great things! Your recipe box does not have to be pristine in order for you to create heavenly foods that will make your family smile and tummies no longer rumble. You don’t have to have a PhD in cooking to develop yummy recipes. Your organizational skills do not have to be just so in order to lessen havoc in an incredibly busy room in your home. You don’t have to be an outgoing person in order to entertain guests and be hospitable.

Listen, friends, YOU are the art to your kitchen. YOU are what makes it function. And without YOU, simply YOU, mouths wouldn’t be fed, lunches wouldn’t be made, and the kitchen just wouldn’t work!

Each of you is vastly different in every way. Each of our kitchens open, close, and function differently and for that I am indeed thankful. What a fun thing to know that we are each unique and work in our own unique kitchen on a daily basis. Don’t let the greatness of Martha Stewart or Paula Deen make you shiver and hide from developing your own greatness in the comfort of your own kitchen! Learn, for sure, delve into the resources you so readily have at your fingertips and just work at getting better in your own little way! Make your kitchen YOURS!

I hope that our series on FOOD was useful to you as you tackle the organization, shopping, and cooking in your kitchen. Enjoy it---it really can be a great deal of fun.

Thanks for reading, friends. Hop on over Monday and see what I’ve done the last few weeks in the Master Bedroom!