Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7- Freezer, my love

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Do you have a best friend? You know “someone” who will come to your rescue at any given moment, make life easier in a crazy schedule, or just make you smile?

I actually have two, meet my 2 best kitchen friends--- their names are Freezer 1 and Freezer 2

  freezer friend (2)

 freezer love (4)   

These two life-savers are truly that--LIFE SAVING. On more than one occasion they have pulled me out of a rut of cooking, placed dinner on the table with just a quick warm up, and held treasured all ready prepared meals for that rainy day or crazy schedule.

So, you ask, “What do you put in your freezers?” Everything would be my answer! I mean, almost EVERYTHING!!!!

I gave a good list on the other day on our Keeping the Stock up post, but my freezer friends hold so much more. They often hold the “power” to fix a meal in minutes.

  • Often when I cook big meals I split them in half and throw one half into the freezer to eat at a later time. These meals are wonderful to pull out and heat up especially on a Wednesday night or a night that I hadn’t been organized in preparing something sooner.
  • Extra bread freezes great! You will see how I shop in a later post this month, but I am a sales shopper---big time! When I can get bread at BOGO (buy one get one free) I typically grab a few extras and throw them in the freezer.
  • Pancakes and Waffles freeze great too! With early mornings in our home I love making a big batch of homemade pancakes and waffles. Often I throw the extras into the freezer to pull out and pop in the toaster for a quick hot breakfast for my littles. I will happily share those recipes in a few weeks.
  • Cookie dough—remember my post a few days ago on pop-in visitors? We always have cookie dough in the fridge, but very possibly there is a different kind nestled into the freezer for a rainy day or a desire for a different flavor.
  • Shredded cheese---Cheese does great in the freezer and you don’t have the problem of little or big hands snacking on that expensive ingredient as often. (not that mine would ever do that) When cheese is on sale snatch as much as you can. Cheese brightens any pasta dish and is a key ingredient in many recipes.
  • Frozen Veggies---I have MANY bags of these stuffed in our freezers. Veggies are a favorite in our home, and we don’t do canned goods other than beans and tomatoes, so my freezers house this delight.


So, the next time you open that freezer door and stare into its depths, make sure you are keeping it full with what makes your family happy the most.

Join me tomorrow with a short post on after school organization!