Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 8-After School Zone

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Maybe I’m just “one of those moms”! This going to school thing all day is new to our family. Quite honestly, I had planned to home school this year, but my husband received benefits that allowed our children to attend a large Christian school this year. We were super excited at this opportunity for them and us.  Nonetheless, I was going crazy after the first week when they’d come home and dump their lunch bags and book bags in random places.

So, I set out on a mission to find a “school zone” to “house” all of their stuff. Yes, there “stuff” is important, but it needed a place to stay when it wasn’t being used.

I had a sweet friend from the Frugal Homemaker come visit me a few weeks ago. She brought with her several special gifts for me. Still haven’t fully completed the other projects she brought for me to work on, but I love what this cute rustic shelf has done for our book bags and pens and pencils.

Bookbag shelf 

I dislike book bags laying around without a purposeful place to hang them, but I just hadn’t gotten around to buying some cute hooks. This has solved the problem and still has an extra hook for when Maddie goes to school next year. (Don’t fret, she’s the one that pointed that luxury out!) And, she has already claimed the middle hook for her cubbies bag for Awana.

I love the fact that it is in the laundry room across from the cupboard that is holding paper and craft items.

They can come home after school, complete their homework at the kitchen table, and immediately hang them up when completed. This has made early mornings much easier.

And, is it just within the walls of our home that finding a pen, pencil or marker is impossible? Not anymore in this household. I have several jars holding pencils, pens, and markers that are easy to reach for the older ones but still off limits for my little tots.

school zone

And, if you home school, I am sure this system would be a huge help too! If we end up going the home school route in future years, I have my wheels turning already at how I’d organized the important school “stuff” so it is not underfoot.

When every item has a home it makes HOME run smoothly!

Tomorrow may just be one of the topics that aids in my smoothly run kitchen! No more headaches of running out and not knowing what I have. Join me here for some tips on Container Madness.