Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 9-Container Madness

container madness

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My kitchen is filled to the brim with these beauties----containers, jars, baskets, you name it! They have become my staple thrift find item along with pillows. But, alas, there are no pillows abiding in my kitchen.

I would have to say that jars are the big fad these days in the organization world. They can be so much fun to decorate with too. My counter looks like this….

baking jars (7)

Well, that’s my baking counter, here’s what my coffee nook looks like…

Coffee nook

My love for jar organization continues to the pantry as well… We will have a detailed post on my pantry tips soon.

pantry organization (6)

Jars can be bought all shapes and sizes. I have found almost every jar or organization bin or box from yard sales or Goodwill. They are often way overpriced in the stores, but they are essential in keeping ones kitchen or pantry well organized.

I also love to use jars to see what is left! Some do not like jars because it looks sloppy, but I think if you keep up with your stock like we discussed a few days ago, you can still have a crisp, clean counter with large jars showing off coffee, pasta, or baking items.

Make sure the containers you use are not taking up too much space. It is important to find items that will actually help you stay organized and keep things tidy.

Under the sink is another key place in the kitchen that bins, baskets, jars, or little shelves come in handy… Under the sink organization

Sometimes a small jar or little basket is all you need to organize a nasty un-kept space in your kitchen. Now don’t all of you run out to your local thrift store and fight over those containers. But, I dare you to get creative and bring the Container Madness to your kitchen! It’s pretty fun, cheap, and so very useful!

Do you think I missed an item in the kitchen that may include jars? Come back tomorrow and see an easy fix to a major spice overload!