Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pallet Desk and Master decor


Piles and piles of pallets!! The best part of the piles is that they are free for the taking. Without a truck, I couldn’t bring a ton home, but I did happen to grab 2 smaller ones. Soon my sweet hubby is going to load a trailer to begin our pallet couches for the loft.

Some days I just want to tackle a project. It doesn’t have to be huge or perfect, but being able to use my own 2 hands and my own creativity can make a typical day exciting! Not to mention that Rust-oleum had a big part in making this decorating so much easier.
I started just cutting the pallet in half then the other half into half again to make the “legs.” When I finished cutting I removed the boards and made them closer together so there were no gaps present.

See, I told you it isn’t perfect!

pallet desk

I took my handy supply of Rust-oleum and put a good coat on all over the top piece.

My husband sanded down the sides because he LOVES to help me with wood working projects. He tends to be the detailed perfectionist, so I am thankful for his expertise.

Because this desk is mine and in our bedroom I opted to not attach the top to the sides. It actually ended up being very sturdy!

This is my finished product…

Pallet desk (8)

What a fun, free project to make a very empty corner in our bedroom come alive and be so inviting! I am not sorry I jumped into this one. So many items in this picture became subject to my Rust-oleum paint supply!

  • Wooden white crate
  • $3 Goodwill chair (plus a cute black chevron seat cover)
  • Candelabra
  • Iron wall piece
  • Pallet sign (post to come)
  • Oval picture frame

 Pallet desk and candelabra  Pallet wall art  (2) 

I have sat and done my blogging here and even some makeup just for the fun of it.

So, lest you think you have to spend money to create something beautiful to you, think again. I am super excited about my new little space in our master bedroom. Pallet desk and wall art

Thank you, Rust-oleum, for your wonderful product. Without it my fun projects just wouldn’t be the same.