Monday, November 24, 2014

Pallet “randomness”

I had to do something on top of my blue cabinet in the living room. But, I have set out on a mission this year to make lots of homemade Christmas decorations. Our living space has over doubled in size and I did not want to go out and spend mountains of money to stock up on holiday decor. Our mountain of pallets have come to my rescue quite often and here they go again.

My husband helped me make a few Christmas gifts last week (which I cannot wait to share after we have gifted them). There was a small pile of various sized wood scraps left for our creativity.

My fanfare (children) gathered around and helped me spell a Christmas word with what scraps we had. I told them we were going to use a wreath as our ‘o’ and they got pretty creative.

Thus, we have our imperfect, yet perfect to me NOEL! DSC_4581  

It makes me smile as I walk by it each day. A fun craft day equals lots of giggles while creating something for OUR home TOGETHER!


Thanksgiving is only a few days away. I am thankful for each of my dear readers. Hoping your week is extra special as we each give thanks for ALL things!