Friday, November 21, 2014

Placemat Pillow

Last week I found this cute Fall placemat for $2.25. I typically don’t spend that much on a placemat, but for a fall pillow, that’s a different story.

placemat pillowplacemat pillow (4) 

I just pulled the stitching out of part of the corner and stuffed it full with poly-fill.

  placemat pillow (7) 

After stuffing to my desired fluffiness I sewed up the corner and threw it on the couch!

placemat pillow (9)

Pretty good for a Better Homes and Gardens “pillow.”

Placemat pillow (10) 

 placemat pillow (13)  

Gonna keep my eyes open for more placemats. I always “NEED” more pillows.