Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stick Trees


A few years ago I grabbed some sticks and put together the above white stick tree along with a smaller one that I gifted to my sister that Christmas. I finally set out to make a few more.

All you need is a pile of sticks and a glue gun. Paint/glitter is optional.

pile of sticks (2)

I just make a base with 3 same size pieces gluing as I go. Add the bottom pieces securing your tree shape or tepee shape.

 stick tree

Then all you do is randomly glue sticks all over starting from the bottom and working toward the top. There really is no right or wrong way. Just stuff sticks sticking up and out all over and secure with your hot glue.

stick trees (3) 

Here’s my lineup before each got painted outside. One ended up white with glitter, one is a mercury glass color, and the other is a faded white.

I cannot wait to decorate with these and maybe make a few others to sell or give as gifts.