Monday, November 17, 2014

Stool turned Table

Several weeks back I spent a morning garage saling with a friend. We happened to find this ugly stool on the side of the road in someone’s trash pile. I jumped out and threw it in the back.

Well, I just got around to using it. It looked like it had been through a fire of some kind so the seat part was pretty much toast. And, since I don’t have tons of scrap pieces of wood laying around I opted to just set a cool wood pallet piece on top making it serve the temporary purpose of a side table.

side table stool (2) Side table from stool   

My outside mums happened to croak early this year, so I threw them out keeping the cool basket it sat in. A handy “fake” plant from my decor stash set inside makes it look great. And, for a few more days the pumpkins have graced their presence here too.

Stool turned side table (2)

Just another glance. Pretty sweet for being a free piece of furniture.

Living room