Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Pallet Art (DIY Homemade Gifts for $5 or less)

DIY Homemade gifts (for $5 or less) 

December has arrived and with it comes many Christmas parties involving gift exchanges and more. And, of course, there are many friends, teachers, family, and other special individuals that you’d love to shower with sweet gifts. However, finances get a bit stretched during the Holidays and it’s hard not to get super stressed about breaking the bank in order to make gifts special.

Today I am joining a fun Christmas blog hop with several other sweet bloggers on DIY Homemade Gifts for $10 or less.

Pallet gifts under 5

I “happened” to have a pile of FREE pallets sitting in my garage…

Pallet pile (2)

Crazy, right? Well, shortly after this picture was taken my adoring husband started cutting them to make my DIY couches for our loft. I am super excited to share a post on this hopefully by January.

Back to our gift…I opted to to use my pallets to create several gifts that I am looking forward to giving away in the next few weeks.

Several weeks ago I made this sign…

pallet sign (8)

Thus it inspired me to make a few smaller ones to gift this Christmas season.

You will need 1 pallet. I just searched our local Craigslist site and found a store close to our home that gave us as many as we wanted for FREE.

My husband was kind enough to pull the pallet apart so I had the top slats to measure and cut into the sizes I desired.

pallet signs (3)

I simply made different lines for the lengths I wanted for each one. I ended up getting 8 different signs out of 4 slats of pallet wood.

pallet sign tutorial (3)

I chose to stencil my wood before cutting because I was awaiting the saw to be set up and I knew I wasn’t going to be painting the wood before stenciling. I printed a few different Christmas words and phrases in fun fonts so I could eye it as I free handed with a pencil on each sign. There are some great stencil helps on Pinterest or internet. You can print it on wax paper and lots of other fun ways. I just free handed it this time because I had little time and resources. Plus, I was wanting to keep this cost SUPER low.

pallet sign tutorial (5)

pallet sign tutorial (7)

After they were all ready it was time to cut the boards.

pallet sign tutorial (9)

To attach the wood together I used 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 lattice wood that was 37 cents per foot at True Value. A nail gun with short nails worked best and made this super easy. I spent less than $3 on the wood and nails for all 8 signs.

pallet sign tutorial (13)

I wanted to put wire on a few of the signs so I used a total of about 1 foot of clothesline wire and spent about 30 cents to get it. I twisted it apart to make it not so straight. Make sure you drill holes before putting in screws to avoid splitting your wood. Wrap the wire around the screws.

pallet sign tutorial (15)

pallet sign tutorial (17)

After these steps are complete painting can commence!

You can use any color craft paint you desire or you can just grab that old can of house paint that lines the garage shelves. I grabbed the white paint that I’ve used for random trim touchups. Can you tell it’s a bit old? But, it did the job!

pallet sign (10)

pallet signs (6)

You can sand the boards down before painting, but I wanted to leave it a bit rough just for the rustic appearance.

The last step in this project was to add the extra details to make them pretty. I found a tin of metal cookie cutters at a yard sale for $1 for 10. I picked up a few snowflakes, bells, and snowmen. I grabbed my $1 roll of twine and attached the cookie cutters to the wire and tied a little bow.

cookie cutter added to sign

I tied the snowflake cutter on the “Let it Snow” signs and the bell cutter on the “joy” sign.

A few weeks ago I made Cinnamon ornaments with my children and saved a few just for this. I painted one white and added it to the longer “let it snow” sign.

let it snow sign (2)

Here are 5 of the completed signs.

 pallet signs (14)    

Just a little close-up…

  Pallet signs (21) pallet signs (22)    

I spent less than $5 on this entire project. It did take time, but I am so excited to gift these at several of our upcoming church Christmas parties. Cannot wait to share one at our cookie swap on Thursday. Hoping each of you enjoyed this little project and can put into practice and make a few simple gifts this holiday season that won’t break the bank.

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Thank you for joining us today, sweet readers!