Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mini Gallery Wall

This is what our loft looked like when we first moved in. We haven’t really had time or funds to furnish this room yet, but I do have big plans. I actually just found an amazing coffee table that will be perfect in front of our ‘L’ shaped diy pallet couches that have been started.


Here is the latest picture minus the office on the left.


I put up the pictures last week and love how it turned out. See that lone pallet? Well, one day it will not be so lonely. My sweet husband is constructing an ‘L’ shaped couch from old pallets we found for free. I am looking forward to covering cushions and putting all my pillows I’ve accumulated for this area soon.

I have also purchased a new coffee table from Goodwill that cost me $12.  It’s pretty rustic and a great size. It is currently drying in the garage from it’s first coat of paint.

Making a gallery wall is definitely not my forte, but I am enjoying experimenting in our home. I just love all the different shapes, sizes, textures, and diy projects that I can hang to make a boring blank wall pop with personality.


Excuse a few of them being crooked, but hey, my home is lived in by 4 littles and 2 little girls love to make the loft their “ball room!”  

The “In the morning when I rise give me Jesus” pallet sign is my “Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas” sign on the back. So, I will be able to flip it over to be Christmassy. I am planning to make a few more for my gallery wall up the stairway and some friends who have begged for one.pallet sign (8)


How about you? Have you tackled a gallery wall recently? Would love to see what you have created. Looking forward to showing you another project I’ve been tackling soon.